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Thank you for the answer to my question about the movie gifset.

Anonymous asked: Never really was much of a fanart person myself.. Whenever I try it, it goes horribly wrong, because I try to replicate the original styles from my mind, rather than simply just google them for a better reference; or draw them in my own style. When it comes to OC's though, I do enjoy playing their parts from time to time.

To be honest, as a fan-artist I have trouble creating my own stuff. So really, arting is hard. No matter if you are a fan-artist or do something different. There’s always a more difficult side to it! Practice is the key. Fan-art is not made for everyone, but if you do it, try to make it personal as possible. Make it your own, style or story wise. :3



building my own miniature world out of empty food containers and cardboard.

I made a miniature version of myself. with miniature sunglasses. and miniature curly hair.

that’s one goodlookin’ miniature person overthere.

Anonymous asked: LOLOL. You're bluffing, right? xD I swear, drawing on a tablet is the hardest thing. x,x And no, she's not an OC. I don't really draw OC's oddly enough... I should though. All their personalities are rather perverse, so it would be when I'm in a jokey mood.

Nope! Not bluffing at all. Haha! And don’t worry. I haven’t made OC’s until recently. I never saw the fun in it, and I have yet to actually fall in love with my OC’s. I’ll be sticking to fanart more. 8D

Anonymous asked: Ooh, I see then. Well, I suppose that depends on the person, really. As for my drawings, my scanner wasn't working but I was bored and doodled a little. puu.*sh*/852JV/f937273bd1*.*jpg LOLOL. Just remove the "*" symbols.

Aww anon! You have no idea how much I’m fangirling over you. Void and me agree that you are the cutest anon yet! * 3 * I really like your drawing, it’s very cute! Is that character an OC of yours? I’d love to see more~


i don’t understand how my room gets so messy when i literally sit in one spot with my laptop all day

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Anonymous asked: By that you mean; just because something was shitly drawn, it could be easily seen as just the art style, rather than a failed attempt? Ahh, I suppose so... But, you can usually tell.. It depends on the style of art all together. I guess I could show you sometime when I get the scans up. LOL. Plus, Ik I will improve. I'm just super impatient. :(

Actually it’s more like… because there is so much room for improvement doesn’t mean that whatever you draw now is bad or incorrect. It’s the best you can do now. Really, the best. And when you continue drawing, practicing and whatnot, you can do the best you can then. Learning doesn’t stop, and it takes a while. But that doesn’t mean that whatever you make now is bad or not worthy of being called art. :>

Anonymous asked: Hmm, well I suppose it depends on whether you want a career in art/design or not. For me, I just want to learn how to draw/design things so I can look at it with pride, and feel good about myself... I see it more as a hobby, rather than something I'd like a job in. And, you dont want to see my drawings. Omg, NO X.X. I suck at drawing hands and arms, especially.

I used to think of it solemnly as my hobby too, but after doing all kinds of different courses ( Which I all dropped out from ), I just wanted to do something I really enjoyed. 

Also, of course I want to see them, anon! If there is one thing I learned from art school is that nothing is right and nothing is wrong. It’s all good. But I can understand if you are not comfortable with showing! You’re not the only one! Just know that I’d love to see it, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the way you make art, since after all, it’s still something you made, and you should be proud of your abilities, seeing as they still have time to grow for as long as your lifespan goes! :> 

Anonymous asked: Hmmm, that actually sounds very interesting. I'm all in to drawing, and design, so I suppose it would appeal to me(for a short time before I end up dropping out. LOL). Of course, the History is a whole other thing. e.e I hate anything to do with it.. Lmaooooo

It’s good that they make most things pretty relevant to your studies. It’s good to know where art came from and what not. it’s not my most favorite subject, haha, but oh well. I don’t mind it. I’d love to see some of you work, anon! And really, if you set your mind to it, you will not drop out. I still have doubts over me being able to make it to the end of the year, but my friends ( and most teachers ) are really supportive. We take care of eachother, and I think that’s the most important thing.